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August 13, 2013
A fun trivia fact is that a group of bears is called a Sleuth. (Actually, it can be called a sloth, too, but we prefer sleuth) Well, the Sleuth that is Beartracks has some major changes to announce. One of the founding sleuthers (Iím not sure that is a real word), Junior Barber, decided in June that he does not want to travel the woods and fields on a regular basis anymore. We were very sad to hear that, but we love our cousin Junior and understand and respect his decision. Junior told us he would help us with our shows until we found the perfect bear to take his place. Well, we must have been very good bears, or a good sleuth, because we have been extremely fortunate in finding the perfect bear to join the Beartracks family. We are proud and excited to announce that Harry Ralph, an extraordinary fiddle player and all around good guy from Danby, Vermont, has joined us on a permanent basis. This new Beartracks configuration was born in late July in Danby at the Danby Olde Country and Bluegrass festival. Junior could not make the show due to prior commitments and Harry, who appeared as a guest on our last CD in 2009, agreed to help us for the festival. The onstage musical chemistry between Harry and Scott was instant and dynamic. The Danby hills, coincidentally the site of one of our favorite festivals, were ringing with hot fiddle and banjo licks. We knew we had found the perfect bear for the band; we just had to convince him of that fact. We were lucky and Harry agreed to join us and became the youngest and newest bear. Welcome to our Sleuth, Harry. (I love that word) We are going to try and get into the studio soon with our new configuration as we have been told that it time for Beartracks to record another CD. Junior will still join us occasionally for some of our local shows. He will be appearing with us for the last time this summer at the Bluegrass in the Vineyards festival at the Coyote Moon Winery in Clayton, NY on August 24th. Harry will make his debut as a permanent member of Beartracks this Friday and Saturday, Aug 16th and 17th, at the Upper Hudson Bluegrass Festival. Please come and see us if you can and make sure to welcome Harry to the Sleuth.

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