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It is very hard to maintain a viable long distance relationship, both in love and music. We found over the last two months that, although we really think the world of Larry and his musical skills, both he and we vastly underestimated the drawbacks inherent in being located six hours apart. When we started this bluegrass journey in 2004, Junior drummed into us the necessity for a band to practice on a regular basis in order to perform successfully at a professional level on stage. Without that, stage performances can become more like a jam, albeit a very good jam, even with great musicians. Although we are not doing this full time, or as a way to earn a living, we strive to perform at a professional level for those who spend their hard earned money to come to the show/festival. Simply knowing the material, without a session to work out arrangements, is better than nothing, but still canít replace the actual interaction and playing time of band practice. With the distance involved now, it is not practical for us or Larry to travel as much as needed to ensure that our shows have the level of professionalism we want to achieve. In addition to the practice issue, there is the very real issue that Larry had to drive a very long way to our gigs, especially in this area. When we saw that he didnít arrive home until 5 AM after our last show, it became clear that this is a lot to ask of someone. That was the second time, in two gigs, that he had to drive through the night after the show. That is not only a lot to ask of anyone, but it could result in a bad outcome. After much discussion between Julie, Harry, Larry and Tom, we have decided to hire Dr. Steve Light for the summer. Steve is not only an incredible musician; he is a consummate professional with enough patience to endure Julie and Tomís craziness. We have known Steve for quite some time. He recently, about 3 weeks ago, indicated that he would be able and willing to join us for the bulk of our jobs for this festival season. He plays both banjo and Dobro, has performed with us before at a festival in PEI and locally, and joined us in the studio on our last project. He teaches at SUNY and lives in Plattsburgh, making practice much more feasible. We want to convey that Larryís willingness to help us out through the summer was sincerely and greatly appreciated. He is a lot of fun and we hope he keeps on entertaining people with his banjo and humor. Please join us in welcoming Steve to the Beartracks family this summer. We are happy he can help us out and are certain he will fit in perfectly with Beartracks.

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